Most modern hospital in Central Europe

The central boulevard in the new high-tech hospital ensures efficient logistics and patient-friendly orientation. Daylight pours in through the tall windows of the glass facade, which offers panoramic views of the surroundings.

The new Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Bratislava was designed for Penta Hospitals International, a private care consortium that operates in Central and Eastern Europe. The 43,000 m² hospital with 400 beds and 14 hypermodern operating rooms will be one of the most efficient hospitals in Europe. It is expected to replace some 50 percent of the total number of beds available in Bratislava. This patient-friendly regional hospital brings healthcare in Slovakia to another level.

Functional hospital with futuristic a feel

Patient-focused, sustainable, flexible and future-proof. That ambition determined the design of the new hospital in the upcoming district of Bory. The futuristic-looking design offers a comfortable and functional environment for patients, visitors and care professionals. It features short walking distances, automated processes, an efficient day-care centre and innovatively organized policlinics. They are the result of an expert-driven design process in which the capacities of the local hospital organization align with the latest technology and working processes.


Luboš Lopatka, general director of Bory Hospital

Healing environment with patio gardens and plenty of daylight

Patients and staff enjoy views of the surrounding landscape from various places throughout the five-storey building. Large patio gardens on the lower floors and intermediate moss sedum roofs draw greenery indoors to create lush oases inside the building. Various healing gardens enhance the wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff. The friendly surroundings also benefit fully from the daylight that floods the interior through the large glass facades.

Central footbridge boulevard as most important route

Located in front of the hospital is a spacious forecourt. The inviting main entrance opens onto the central boulevard, which forms the main route through the hospital for patients on their way to the policlinics and the lifts to the nursing units. The boulevard is a pleasant and spacious footbridge with views of the patio gardens on both sides. Visitors and patients can therefore find their way around easily and reach their destination with less stress.

Motivational future perspective for care professionals

Apart from providing the best healthcare in a pleasant setting, the Nemocnica Bory Hospital generates Slovakian job opportunities. This first modern hospital in Bratislava offers healthcare at the highest European level, making it more attractive for the best Slovakian medical professionals to make a contribution in their own country. With the construction of this contemporary hospital, the infrastructure in the shopping area is also greatly improved.

Knowledge design by Dutch Health Architects

The Nemocnica Bory Hospital in Bratislava was designed on the basis of the Next Generation Hospital concept by Dutch Health Architects (DHA), a joint venture involving EGM architects and Gortemaker Algra Feenstra. The client chose DHA after a selection procedure on account of its expertise in efficiently organizing hospital processes while ensuring high service and comfort levels. The difference that DHA can make was already illustrated by its patient-friendly design for the new hospital in Michalovce in eastern Slovakia, completed in 2017 for the same client, Penta. The regional hospital in Bratislava opened in 2023.

View here the progress of the construction in a photo impression.
3D print maquette: Visual First