The ambition of this project is to provide new way of delivering healthcare by constructing a Small Hospital based on an economic and Adaptable System for any location and program rearrangement; in addition to integrating ‘Movement’ – Sports and Nature programs that not only serve the Kaiser Permanente members, but that would attract new members and the community to a new ‘green heart’ and ‘ landmark’. If the historical beginning of the hospital intended to seclude the inpatients, our proposed system- the Kaiser ParK and Kaiser BlocK models- integrate them within a healthy community, engendering a process of resilience.

Even until today, the hospital has been conceived with the prejudice of the ‘immobilizing illness’ it contains, detaching it from society. We propose the opposite; a building system embodying a new way of thinking where the –small- hospital is a ‘house’ of healing. Rather than accepting that its program ’contains’ stasis and disease, we believe the new Kaiser Permanente Small Hospital can be associated with movement, and therefore health.

The same level of resilient mobility that the project would be delivering for the Kaiser Permanente members, is abstracted as a flexible system adapting to the inevitable changes of facilities, technologies, and community, that any healthcare facility faces.


Kaiser Permanente

7 000 m2

In collaboration with Donis