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Again international recognition for excellent healthcare design

At the 10th Design & Health World Congress in Toronto Canada, Gortemaker Algra Feenstra (one of the partners of the joint venture Dutch Health Architects), received a winning award.

Sint Antonius Hospital Utrecht has been awarded a High Commendation in the category International Health Project (over 40,000 sqm). The Design & Health International Academy Awards are among the most reputable world awards in healthcare design. An international jury selected the best designs in twelve categories. By winning the award, Dutch Health Architects confirm its high quality and global importance in healthcare design.

About the Design & Health International Academy Awards

The annual awards program has a significant influence on the global design of salutogenic environments that support health, wellbeing and quality of life, reflecting important aspects of the exceptional work undertaken by researchers and practitioners at the forefront in the field of design and health. In 1997, the International Academy for Design and Health was founded by scientists of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, a non-profit research organization dedicated to improve interaction between design, health, science and culture. The academy offers a worldwide forum for the continuous exchange of research results in those fields. They work in close cooperation with an international network or governmental organizations, leading universities and commercial institutions to improve health, welfare and quality of life by stimulating the design of healthy environments. Increasing awareness of the importance of health and welfare, a greater demand for well-designed spaces and rapid developments in medical technology, set against the rising costs of health care, climate change, aging and poverty, makes interdisciplinary cooperation more important than ever before.