You are currently viewing Deerns, DHA and TeamworX, the Emerald Hospital Design (EHD) J.V. collaborate with Aspen Medical on state-of-the-art Sanusa Hospitals in Indonesi

Deerns, DHA and TeamworX, the Emerald Hospital Design (EHD) J.V. collaborate with Aspen Medical on state-of-the-art Sanusa Hospitals in Indonesi

20 June 2023 – The Inauguration Event and Soil Turning ceremony of Aspen Medical Hospital – Depok, of which development was initiated by Sanusa Medika, presented a landmark opportunity to start the development of the first international standard healthcare facility in Depok serving people of Depok and the wider Indonesian population.
The high-profile event took place on 20 June 2023 in Depok City, West Java, and brought together visionary leaders, healthcare experts, and distinguished guests who share a common goal of redefining the healthcare landscape and making quality healthcare accessible to all. The ceremony represented a remarkable turning point, signalling a commitment to the betterment of healthcare systems in Indonesia, both regionally and nationally.

Meeting the demand for Healthcare in Indonesia

In June 2022, Sanusa Medical Hospitals began an ambitious 20-hospital project across West Java, Indonesia. Aspen Medical Hospital – Depok is the first of these facilities, with others on the way. Deerns, DHA and TeamworX, working together in the joint venture Emerald Hospital Design, key expertise in the arena of delivering state-of-the-art, sustainable, flexible designs in healthcare facilities perfectly matched the client’s objectives.

Indonesia is projected to be one of the top eight countries with regards to economic development and GDP by 2030. Yet the region has a relatively low hospital beds ratio. Sanusa Medika – a joint venture between Australian healthcare companies Aspen Medical and Docta, in partnership with West Java BUMD Pt Jasa Sarana – aims to bring international expertise into the local Indonesian market with a view to fulfilling the huge demand for private hospitals while sharing knowledge and skills.

“We want to create sustainability and growth not just in healthcare, but in the economies of each of the territories in which we work,” says Dr Andrew Rochford, CEO of Sanusa Medika.

Here’s where we design world class hospitals

Emerald Hospital Design has already started on the design development phase and site evaluation of Aspen Medical Hospital – Depok. Located just outside Jakarta, this first facility will be around 24,000 sqm and becomes a universal blueprint for other hospitals to be developed by Aspen Medical.
“Sustainability, wellbeing and efficient operations are all closely linked,” says Eduard Boonstra of EHD. “The innovative, flexible design of these buildings contribute towards doubling down on decarbonization, an objective pursued by the EHD partners to address the impact of buildings on the environment, by handling technological and functional aging in an efficient way.”
Through its involvement in the Aspen Medical Hospitals, EHD is contributing its international state of the art hospital design expertise not only towards driving innovative architectural design concepts and sustainability in medical facilities but also to advancing the local economy and hospital design capabilities in Indonesia as a whole.
By fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation, the Aspen Medical Hospital – Depok inaugural event ushers in a new era of healthcare excellence in West Java. Moreover, the impact of this transformative healthcare journey extends far beyond the event itself. By setting new standards and nurturing a culture of excellence, this project will pave the way for sustainable progress and improved healthcare outcomes for generations to come.