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Sustainable design

We feel a profound responsibility to preserve the earth for future generations. By creating sustainable and durable buildings we minimize the impact of building activities on natural resources. Inspired by innovation and focused on result, we use the power of design as we aim to create a better world.

Evidence based design

Evidence-based design (EBD), is a field of study emphasizing credible evidence, available from research, evaluations and experience, to influence design. We use EBD to develop optimal solutions for each particular design that improve healing processes, well-being for patient and staff, stress reduction and safety, all based on proven solutions.

Healing Environment

Dutch healthcare is well-known for its innovative approach on patient well-being and working processes. We are committed to designing hospitals that contribute to the well-being and recovery of patients as well as to the job satisfaction of staff. We strongly believe that good design has a positive therapeutic effect on patients and will enhance medical performance.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a building. BIM not only enables us to develop our designs in a 3D environment, but also incorporates a shared knowledge and information source which creates the conditions for an optimally integrated design process.

Structural design

We provide structural engineering services to enhance our design performance. We adopt an integral approach to key issues that significantly determine flexibility, functionality and construction. Our structural engineers are engaged, right from the beginning of each design process, to advise on construction principles and building systems with a strong focus on financial feasibility, economic sustainability and architectural implementation.

Building physics

Building physics applies the principles of physics to the built environment. We use a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to our projects covering all relevant design aspects. Building physics and climate control in relation to a given context play a major part in the total design.



Latest News

Nov 2

DHA designs Next Generation Hospital in Bratislava, Slovakia

Our Slovakian client Svet Zdravia has presented the design of a new 43 000 square meter hospital in Bratislava.

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Nov 0

DHA designs the Middle East Hospital

Dutch Health Architects designs a major new Hospital in Saudi Arabia in close collaboration with Philips and DDock.

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Jan 2

Construction progress on the Michalovce hospital

Svet Zdravia has released a video showing the progress on the new hospital in Michalovce, Slovakia, of which the concept design was done by Dutch Health Archtitects. The building is scheduled to open for patients in early 2018. Watch the video here:

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Jan 0

New medical complex in Novokoeznetsk

Dutch Health Architects and Royal Philips are building a large medical complex in Novokoeznetsk. The Grand Medica Medical Center contains 17 thousand square meters and includes amongst others an outpatient department, a clinic, a department for clinical diagnostics, a department of radiotherapy and five operating rooms.

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